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The true story of how an impersonator was recruited to impersonate Field Marshal Bernard L. Montgomery to mislead the Germans about his intentions bef

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Something has gone wrong at a remote scientific research station on Mars. All research has ceased. Communication has failed. And the messages that do

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Vance Shaw gives up outlawing and goes to work for the telegraph company; his brother Jack Slade leads outlaws trying to prevent the company connectin The true story of how an impersonator was recruited to impersonate Field Marshal Bernard L. Montgomery to mislead the Germans about his intentions bef Trapper Joe is on his way to the town with all of his gain of hides of the last winter. However a group of Indians stops him and takes all of his hide In 1980, the assistant of the Department of Defense Warren Lasky is assigned by his mysterious chief Richard Tideman to visit the aircraft carrier USS

The life of spoiled rich Robert Merrick is saved through the use of a hospital's only resuscitator, but because the medical device cannot be in two pl