Dropzone to download files

Hi All I am using dropzone. What is the best way that i can view a document rather than downloading. I also would like to know the easiest way  Please read the contributing guidelines before you start working on Dropzone! >> Download <<. Dropzone does not depend on jQuery. Dropzone is compatible  Simple React hook to create a HTML5-compliant drag'n'drop zone for files. Documentation and examples at https://react-dropzone.js.org. Source code at  29 Dec 2018 In this tutorial, I show how you can display existing files on the server on the Dropzone container with Read tutorial and download code - ht We make Dropzone, an app which makes it faster and easier to move and copy Shorten URLs using Goo.gl; Speak Text; Zip Files; Download YouTube Videos. 23 Jan 2019 Drop Zone gives you the ability to create simple desktop drag-n-drop windows for copying or moving files easily. After you have dropped a file